Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool Movie Test Footage Is Heartbreakingly Perfect

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Despite X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Green Lantern, there was one comic superhero Ryan Reynolds was born to play — Deadpool. Test footage from the once-in-development movie has surfaced, and not only is it great, it is genuinely tragic that this movie has never been made... yet.


Sorry... We had to remove the footage at studio request.

You know, I have to wonder if this footage snuck out in order to gauge interest in the project. To that studio: WE ARE TOTALLY GODDAMN INTERESTED. PLEASE MAKE THIS MOVIE AT YOUR EARLIEST CONVENIENCE. THANK YOU.


[Via Coming Soon]

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I think the whole reason the studio has been slow on this is because it would mean that you hire Ryan Reynolds (or anyone else) and then have him covered up for the whole movie. Studios hate that. I'm not sure the public cares though.