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The star and director of Green Lantern explain the movie's story arc, its villain, and what might lie ahead in sequels. We've also got lots of Super 8 and Doctor Who teasers, plus a complete rundown of Torchwood's supporting cast.


Top image from X-Men: First Class.

Green Lantern

Tons of Green Lantern interviews have hit the web. Here's a roundup of some of the highlights, starting with Ryan Reynolds. First up, he explains why this Hal Jordan is not a man without fear:

We are not playing him as a fearless guy at all. Hal Jordan is…the reason that the ring chose Hal Jordan is because he has the ability to overcome fear. He is as baffled by this decision that these cosmic entities have made as anyone else. He doesn't understand why he was chosen. He's afraid to admit that he is afraid. That is kind of his challenge throughout the film. It's finding that footing and finding that ability to overcome it. That is what is deep within him. That is the reason why he becomes the greatest green lantern of all because fearlessness is insanity. Courage is an amazing trait. It's noble and it's a virtue that everyone wants. So that is what it is that he has to find within himself. He is one of those guys that is trying to be fearless when he meet him and we realize that he is going in the exact wrong direction.


He also discussed Peter Sarsgaard's performance as Hector Hammond:

I think that something that a lot people pick up early on that do it well in addition to Peter is that they understand villains are intentionally evil. They just have opposing convictions and that is all it is. There is no mustache twisting or that kind of crap. It's born of something very real and kind of vulnerable. It was tough because Peter is Hal Jordan's foe in this, but in our mythology they have known each other their whole lives. There is a lot of empathy mixed in when I look at this guy. I think that you feel that till the end of the movie. Now that is something to me that Peter brought to it that was not on the page. That is something that is so important. Even when we are battling, there is regret with Hal Jordan and Green Lantern that he doesn't want to do this.

Finally, he offers some thoughts on where the sequels could go, and his thoughts on a Justice League movie:

You don't want to put the cart in front of the horse, but if this were to work you do another movie. Barring that, you do another one after that. Then, you can see this going well beyond Hal Jordan and into the other Green Lanterns... But In terms of the larger DC Universe? I would love to see a Justice League movie. Personally, and I have talked to no one about this, but I would love to see Geoff's [Johns] DC Universe Online – that kind of idea with this kind of post apocalyptic Justice League. I just thought that was really amazing. Just the visuals of that. I would love to see something like that. I think it's a different way to go with it too. You can shoot and be kind of a little bit more creative with something like that


There's still plenty more at the link. [/Film]

And now some quotes from director Martin Campbell, starting with his own thoughts on Hector Hammond:

I don't see Hector Hammond as the villain. He is, unfortunately, a product of circumstance. There is something with Hector Hammod, who is infected by…and he turns into "Hector Hammond". There is a certain pathos there and there is a certain sympathy you get I think from Hector, even though he does some very dastardly things. Peter Sarsgaard is playing Hector and he is one of those wonderful actors that seem to transform himself into another character completely. With a lot of actors you get a variation of the actor that you have seen before, but with Sarsgaard you get something completely different every time, and that is what he did with this. I think this part suits him. He has the big head and we have the big head. [laughs] It's a nightmare by the way, but it looks terrific. Again, you have to keep these characters human. You can't just make them black and white. They can't just be villains and just evil. They have to have personalities. They have to have character.


He also explains his take on the arc of the film:

I just think it's just the origin story, which I think is what is so good about it. It is someone, who on the face should never be a Green Lantern. He seems to have every attribute that says, "No!" to becoming a Green Lantern. But the ring recognizes that Hal has those qualities inside of him, and chooses him. So by the end of the movie he has become potentially the greatest Green Lantern in the world. Those sort of arcs I think are really interesting and that is what is so good about the origin stories. You can start with a rough diamond and end up with a polished gem. That is the great thing about it. All of the other characters in the comic books like Sinestro or Carol – we see where they go in the progress of the story. So it has terrific scope. Again, it's because of the characters.


Again, there's a ton more at the link. [Collider]

Illustration for article titled Ryan Reynolds and Martin Campbell take us deep inside the world of Green Lantern. And do we already know who will be the villains of Thor 2?

Finally, here's a poster of Abin Sur. []

Thor 2

It's very early days yet, but the initial rumors are that the film is on track for release in 2013, alongside Iron Man 3. The initial villain rumors are the Enchantress and the Executioner. Otherwise known as Amora, the Enchantress is an Asgardian sorceress who in the comics tries to kill Thor's love interest so that she can have him all to herself - which, assuming they work from that storyline, might mean Jane Foster is headed to Asgard in the sequel. The Executioner is the Enchantress's sidekick, and she manipulates his unrequited love for her to get him to do her bidding. Also, Loki could quite easily be brought back for this as an ally of the Enchantress. Anyway, take all of this with a huge grain of salt until we hear anything more. [CinemaBlend]



Ryan Reynolds explains why he doesn't think Deadpool is meant to be a superhero franchise...or indeed, why it's not really a superhero movie in the first place:

I don't know if Deadpool will be a franchise. It's also not a superhero movie. It's like a deconstruction of a superhero movie. It's a whole other thing. I really like it. The script is a nasty piece of work and I love it for that. So I hope that that script we have made now stays through out production. So we will see. But, yeah, I don't look at it like that. I don't think it's necessarily a franchise, but obviously the studios sometimes do. We are on for one. That is all I know.



Super 8

Here's a handful of teasers for the movie:

Something has escaped from Area 51, and it doesn't take too kindly to law enforcement.
Early scenes featuring our plucky lead Joe and friends are reminiscent of '80s classics like The Goonies and Stand By Me.
"Do not speak of this, or else you and your parents will die."
"I think I'm having a heart attack, and I have a scrape!"
What mysteries do the white cubes hold?
The sound of a bicycle bell precedes something very loud and very sinister.


There are more at the link. [Digital Spy]


Keanu Reeves is reportedly the latest white dude to pass on the lead role, joining other big, non-Japanese names like Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, and James Franco. [The AV Club]


Jurassic Park 4

Sam Neill says the franchise is almost certainly done, in part because two of the main creative forces behind it have since died:

"I think we've told the story. I think it's done. [Legendary effects expert] Stan Winston who made those beautiful dinosaurs died. So, no Stan, no 'Jurassic Park' really … [and author Michael] Crichton died too. I'll tell you what. If Michael Crichton time travels, writes the book [and] Stan time travels, [and] reanimates dinosaurs, then absolutely."


[MTV Movies Blog]

Doctor Who

Here's another round of teasers for "The Rebel Flesh."

1 It's this season's most trad-Who episode so far, but whereas last year's "trad" story (the Silurian two-parter) was Pertwee era, this is straight out of the Troughton years. Appropriately Matt Smith is at his most Troughton-esque.
2 It also evokes memories of "The Impossible Planet". There's a lot of exposition to start with, but it soon becomes very pacy claustrophobic, creepy and full of powerful, well-written character moments for the guest stars and striking images.
5 Rory fails to score a double
8 The Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver when simply reading would suffice
9 The Doctor reveals he's a fan of someone
12 Random words: "Poncy", "cockerel", "welly-boots", "football"
13 The Doctor loses two of something
14 The Doctor says something again we've never heard him say before
15 Beware the oncoming storm


There are a bunch more at the link. [SFX]'

I promise we're done after this - here's one final set of teasers:

- Gangers have found out how to reproduce themselves.
- Telling the difference between Gangers and humans becomes impossible.
- Eye patch woman is back.
- Theres going to be a war between humanoid and Gangers.
- Jennifer shows the Doctor around.


Again, there are more at the link. [Life, Doctor Who, and Combom]

There are no new spoilers here, but here's a pretty good roundup of all the possibilities for who River Song is, which range from the plausible but far from proven (Amy's daughter, some sort of Time Lord) to the completely and utterly ludicrous (she's the Rani!). [Den of Geek]


Torchwood: Miracle Day

Starz has put out this press release, which includes a lengthy rundown of the cast, which confirms such rumored actors as Wayne Knight and John De Lancie:

Today, the network announced that in addition to Torchwood alumni, John Barrowman, Eve Myles, and Kai Owen and new headliners, Mekhi Phifer, Bill Pullman and Alexa Havins, that the 10-episode, hour-long series will also feature an impressive list of guest stars: Wayne Knight ("Seinfeld," Jurassic Park), C. Thomas Howell ("Southland," The Outsiders), Ernie Hudson ("OZ," Ghostbusters), Nana Visitor ("Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"), John DeLancie ("Star Trek: The Next Generation"), Mare Winningham (Mildred Pierce, George Wallace) and Frances Fisher (Titanic, The Lincoln Lawyer). Additional actors starring in the cult sensation include: Arlene Tur ("Crash," Eat Pray Love) and Lauren Ambrose ("Six Feet Under," The Other Woman) who join the cast in an extended guest role.



This time around, there's no chance of a mid-season pickup, unless, as NBC president Bob Greenblatt puts it, ten million people suddenly start watching on its new Friday night time slot. According to executive producer Chris Fedak, that isn't necessarily a bad thing:

"It certainly feels like Episode 13 will be the finale of the show. And the good thing about that is it allows us to design the season around those 13 episodes. And to know how much time we have will really help us crack that season."


Fedak also says he would like to bring back Timothy Dalton and Linda Hamilton in the final episodes. [TV Line]


Here's a sneak peek at the next episode, "Normandy", courtesy of Syfy.

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