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Looks like the rumors are true — Ryan Phillippe could be our new Steve Rogers. But before we can even chew on the idea of a Cruel Intentions Cap, another actor has stepped up to the plate: G.I. Joe's Duke.


While fielding questions at the SXSW MacGruber panel, Ryan Phillippe was approached about his rumored audition for the coveted comic role of Captain America.

When asked if he was interested in the part plus all the crossovers that would come with playing this role his response was exceptionally positive:

"Yeah, I would. My son would looove it. HE's six-years-old. I'm really into it. We'll see what happens, but yeah, it'd be fun."


But when asked as to how close he actually is to nailing the part, Phillippe told the crowd, "Keep checking the web, I guess."

Can you see Phillippe as Cap? Perhaps. He's got the dramatic chops to pull it off, but ever since Cruel Intentions, there's always been something a bit devious behind those eyes. We'd be curious to see if he could pull off the innocence of the young Steve Rogers.

In other inevitable people that should be on the Captain America short list, Channing Tatum was recently announced as a possible contender. Although Yahoo reported that he has only been approached for the role and has not seen a script.

Since both Philippe and Tatum did a fantastic job in the under-rated Stop-Loss, it's interesting to see them both in the running for this part. But which one of them would be more likely to capture the wry earnestness of our star-spangled Avenger?


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