Ryan Gosling's Logan's Run remake gets a hot new writer — but will that be enough?

It looks like the new Logan's Run movie might be moving forward after all. Writer Andrew Baldwin, who got his unproduced Western screenplay The West Is Dead onto the prestigious Black List of hot spec scripts, has been tapped to rewrite Logan's Run for Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn.

Does this mean that Refn's vision for a more serious Logan's Run, starring Ryan Gosling, is actually moving forward? Refn told us a while back that he wants to make a more serious version of this story:

"The original film version is very different from the novel. I think the novel has a lot more going on that could be interesting to work with. Not just remaking the original movie. Which I think is the main problem and the reason why [a new film version] was never made. Everybody tried to remake the movie, which itself is dated."


The story takes place in the future where no one is allowed to live past 30. And if you try and fight the system you're hunted down. Let's hope this version actually starts filming soon.

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They're remaking In Time two days after it came out? Come on Hollywood!