Ryan Gosling Is in Talks to Produce and Star in the Adaptation of Andy Weir's Project Hail Mary

Ryan Gosling, already with a nice space suit.
Ryan Gosling, already with a nice space suit.
Image: Universal Pictures

When you wrote the book behind the hit The Martian, it turns out you become pretty popular with Hollywood. This might explain why there’s been a hot bidding war for Andy Weir’s newest novel, Project Hail Mary, before it’s even out.

The book’s not slated to release until next spring, but Deadline reports that MGM is already close to scooping up the film rights. The book, a story of an astronaut alone on a space ship with the goal of saving a doomed planet, is set to have its rights acquired by MGM, led by Michael De Luca, in a seven-figure deal. It’s an agreement that includes a star: Ryan Gosling, who is attached to star as the astronaut and produce the film alongside Ken Kao (The Nice Guys).

Considering the popularity of The Martian (and its Oscar nomination), it’s no surprise that Weir’s words are such a hot commodity right now. Another of his novels, Artemis, has also been optioned and is underway from the directorial duo Lord and Miller.


No name is yet attached to direct Project Hail Mary, which, if the deal closes, will be out... sometime after the release of the book.

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Apocalypse Cow

It’ll be interesting to see what they do with Artemis, which is a completely functional effort but not terribly compelling imo — especially after The Martian, which was an inspired book (and less-inspired movie) ...

Hopefully PHM will be a step up ...