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Crazy Star Wars: Episode VII rumors ahead! With Disney's private Comic-Con (D23) on the horizon, people are already starting to speculate on whether or not the studio will be revealing the cast of the next Star Wars movie. Which, okay, yes, Disney could be announcing which original Star Wars alums will be returning — that is totally possible. But we're SUPER dubious about the recent batch of Star Rumors that Ryan Gosling and Zac Efron have been cast to play Luke Skywalker and Han Solo's son, respectively. No... just no.


Latino Review is exclusively reporting that Ryan Gosling and Zac Efron are the big names being passed around the Disney lot as potential castmates for the new Star Wars flick. And that's all they've got so far, so we're taking this unconfirmed rumor with a grain of salt for obvious reasons.

First, Ryan Gosling has recently stated that he was taking a break from acting. Signing up for the next Star Wars movie with a due date of 2015 doesn't leave much room for anything else.


Second, Abrams kind of likes to work with actors who haven't quite blown up yet (with the exception of Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible). But if you pick through Abrams' movies he's pretty hell bent on casting the right person for the right part, regardless of popularity.

And third, as much as we love looking at Gosling, we can't imagine him riding a CG Tauntaun with any semblance of sincerity. He's amazing in Drive and The Place Beyond the Pines but you need to be a little ham bone for these movie. Yes I am well aware of the impact Gosling has on the red hot loins of this planet (as well as my own) and yes his acting has gutted me to the core, but our gut still tells us no for Gosling in Star Wars, hell maybe we're just being protective of both properties. There needs to be an aspect of camp in your acting for Star Wars. Which is why we have no problem with Zac Efron being tied to these movies.

Which leads us to Efron, you know what? He'd be perfect for the part. Don't believe us? Go watch 17 Again. But seriously, neither of these guys are going to be in the movie.

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