Russian Space Pirates Melt Your Synapses With Rock

Russian translation circuits: inoperable. We may not know what this band from the motherland is singing about in this science fiction-themed music video, but we do know that a band of crazy space pirates are invading a fleet of women clad in silver jumpsuits. Everybody parades around and sings the chorus of the song while their ship rolls back and forth. Oh, and their ship looks like the interior was designed by whoever did the interior of the old TARDIS from Doctor Who.

Our tour of the interwebs in search of Страху нет yielded the band Mumiy Troll, who have been playing music in Russia since 1981. We couldn't find hide nor hair of this song on the site, though. You can hear their entire new album played on their website if you're patient enough to endure their brain-melting powers of rock. Maybe this will spawn a whole slew of scifi music videos that tell an epic story. We can only hope! After all, we're tired of listening to Styx's Kilroy Was Here over and over again.


Annalee Newitz

Twisted sister? What's a twisted sister????