Russian Nazi Zombies Hate Bootlegs, Love Bathroom Sex

The Russians have crafted a tribute to the Norwegian Nazi Zombie movie Død Snø (Dead Snow) that illustrates what happens when you pirate movies in Russia, and it involves some slightly NSFW undead Third-Reich action.

Russian website Zombie Kaput, has released this anti-bootleg PSA in which not only do undead Nazi's hang out in cars, but have sex in bathrooms as well, just like regular people!


Remember, Død Snø will have a limited release in the US on June 23rd, and I expect you all to one-up the Russians on the homemade zombie sex tapes. It's our patriotic duty.

Thanks for the tip Bjørn.


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crashedpc /sarcasm

Alright, alright. I need a few volunteers and several pounds of pancake mix.