Russian academics founding institute to study Siberian yetis

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Academics at Russia's Kemerovo State University are starting an institute to investigate increasing reports of 30 or so yetis around Mount Shoria in Siberia. According to institute head Dr. Igor Burtsev, these yetis are likely undiscovered neanderthals.


Notes The Daily Mail:

Reports say the two-legged creatures are heavy-set, more around 7ft tall and resemble bears. 'Their bodies were covered in red and black fur, and they could climb trees,' said one account. One villager, Afanasy Kiskorov, even claimed to scientists that he rescued a Yeti on a hunting trip a year ago. The creature was screaming in fear after falling into a swollen mountain river, he said. His version suggested a 'strange creature, looking like a huge man which tried several times to get out of water and to stand up on both feet, but dropped into the water each time and was howling'. As his fellow-hunters 'froze' in amazement, Kiskorov held out a dry tree trunk. 'The creature clutched to it and crawled to the bank,' he said [...]

'In Russia there are about 30 authoritative scientists who are engaged in studying the phenomenon of the 'Abonimable Snowman'. All of them will be integrated into this institute,' said Dr Burtsev.


So yeah, who wants to study abroad at Yeti University?

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Top image from Tintin in Tibet.

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Animals in the wild poop everywhere. One can easily prove something exists by the shit it leaves behind. I've yet to see Yeti hunters show bigger-than-human-shit Yeti shit.

Show me the turds or I call bullshit.