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Russell T. Davies' new show will be "Doctor Who meets Harry Potter"

Illustration for article titled Russell T. Davies new show will be Doctor Who meets Harry Potter

It sounds like Russell T. Davies still has plenty of genre television up his sleeve. Davies' agency has revealed that Davies is co-creating a children's series for the BBC's CBBC channel titled Aliens vs Wizards, which the BBC is describing as "Doctor Who meets Harry Potter." Joining him on this genre mashup is Doctor Who writer and Sarah Jane Adventures head writer Phil Ford, and, reportedly, a large chunk of the Sarah Jane crew.


Sarah Jane Team To Work On Russell T Davies' New Kids Show, Aliens Vs Wizards [Bleeding Cool]

Image: "Voldemort vs The Doctor" by ~ExRayne.

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I don't want a show which is _like_ Doctor Who meets Harry Potter.

I want a show which _is_ Doctor Who meets Harry Potter. Make it so!