Russell Crowe turns the Bible's Noah into an action hero

"The end of the world... is just the beginning." BWAH HA... oh wait this is real.


We're still kind of in shock that Darren Aronofsky (who is fantastic) is directing this biblical disaster porn flick. Maybe it's going to be awesome, or maybe it will look like this poster which appears to be a blend of 2012 and God's wrath. We're trying to reserve judgement but it's going to be hard when the animals start lining up.

Check out the first ever footage from Entertainment Tonight, and let us know what you think. Epic film or blasphemy?

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Funny thing: According to the Bible, before the Flood, there WAS no rain. The Earth was watered by a mist that rose up from the ground every morning.

The reason that everyone thought Noah was crazy was that no one had ever seen rain before; the firmament that Genesis talks about was where all the rain had gathered. It speaks of the firmament breaking, as well as the waters from the seas rising up to meet it.

Of course, your belief system's mileage may vary, I'm just pointing out what the book says.