Runaways writer says this Movie Adaptation could be Marvel's Godfather

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While chatting with the writer of Marvel's new short "All Hail The King," Drew Pearce revealed a few secrets about the other Marvel movies he's been working on. Specifically, on the long-awaited Runaways adaptation.

In an interview with Collider, Pearce shared his plans for how he was going to adapt Brian K. Vaughan's beloved comic series about a group of teenagers who discover their parents are actually part of an Evil Villain community. The group of kids runaway (hence the name) and try and undo the damage their parents inflicted into society (among other things).


In the interview Pearce revealed that he was using the first arc of the comics as a template, stating that "It's a hugely cinematic arc. I can't really comment on how I used the twist, but I think thus far you can see from some of the stuff I've done I do quite like a twist. You can definitely presume that some of the zig-zagging that goes on in Runaways the comic made it into the movie."

Obviously he's not going to tell us the twists and turns, however the way he talked about adapting the story so it's more of a superhero mafia epic that spans years, takes lives, and shows the inner turmoil of family run crime syndicates, thats's when we start getting excited.

PEARCE: But I think the big difference being that—as grandiose as it sounds—cinematically I wanted it to reflect (and this is going to sound ridiculous), but for me, Runaways can be The Godfather of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And The Pride in my version were an even more branded crime syndicate. I think if you then look at the arcs and character twists you were talking about, and that lineage, it's in a very analogous way.

Yes. This. Exactly. This movie would be such an amazing offshoot picture for Marvel, dammit, Why won't they just green light it already? Unfortunately, who knows if that's ever going to happen. Comic creator Vaughan recently revealed that he has no idea what the time table for this feature is (which means it's probably way back burner-ed).


Ugh fine, just promise it's not dead forever, Marvel, please!

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Well, they do have one film on the lineup that they haven't officially announced.

The only problem I see with doing this film right now: in the current MCU is that supers as a demographic in present day is expressly in its infancy. SHIELD would have been far better prepared for Asgardians if they'd spent the last 50 years dealing with superhumans on the level of the Pride. You could go "secret history" on it, but how to explain SHIELD being that unaware, uninvolved and unprepared?

Unless: The reveals in Winter Soldier include a concerted (and successful) disinformation campaign by the bad guys to actively cloak the activities of such people from SHIELD and the world at large. And the reason they are now coming to the public eye is that there are just too many of them to keep them all hidden (plus, y'know, giant magic alien robots that face blast the shit out of small New Mexico towns). This would give Marvel license to pull off an explosion of supers (good, bad and grey), including such diverse elements as Doctor Strange, the Pride, the Netflix shows, etc., because between the very public Avengers outing and SHIELD's/HYDRA's operations being disrupted, now none of these people see any reason to keep hiding.

There, now I've worked it out so Marvel can do Runaways immediately. Marvel, I don't mind getting a fat check up front instead of off the back-end.