Rumors: Thor writers joining Star Trek 3, Abrams leaving Star Wars

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There's turmoil in two galaxies, if rumors are to be believed. First of all, rumor has it that Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stentz, writers of Thor and X-Men: First Class, are going to be the main writers of Star Trek 3. And meanwhile, J.J. Abrams may have abandoned Star Wars: Episode VII. Update: Lucasfilm has denied this.

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Badass Digest is reporting that Miller and Stentz are in talks to tackle the third rebooted Trek — and right now "it's Stentz and Miller's job to lose." Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, who worked on the first two films, will still be in the mix, but by the sound of things the day-to-day writing would be Stentz and Miller. Obviously, given their background on shows like Fringe, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and especially the Gene Roddenberry show Andromeda, Stentz and Miller would be an ideal choice to shape the next Trek.


And meanwhile, J.J. Abrams might be available to direct this film — which the studio really wants to put out in 2016 for the 50th anniversary of Star Trek — because he might be quitting Star Wars: Episode VII. Again, we have to stress that this is all rumor and hearsay at this point — but apparently, it's well known that Abrams disagreed with the decision to film Episode VII in England, because he didn't want to be away from his family, and he was overruled. Chances are there will be more announcements about Star Wars in the next month, at the German Star Wars Celebration or Disney's D23 — so we should know more soon.

Update: Lucasfilm has already issued a statement to IGN denying the part about Abrams: "There is no truth to the rumor. J.J. is having a great time working on the script and is looking forward to going into production next year." So carry on, as you were.

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I would be a happy man if Abrams would go and direct his own IP. And produce it. Leave the established IP behind - make his own thing. And take Damon Lindholf with him, so that way neither of them can keep fucking up my favorite franchises.