An off-handed comment from Jason Statham to the L.A. Times has sparked speculation that Statham could play blind lawyer/superhero Daredevil. Famed Daredevil artist Frank Miller, who was sitting there when Statham made the comments, said he approved of the casting, further fueling the speculation that the duo could collaborate at some point. In other terrible superhero casting news, blond American Gladiators star Titan (aka Mike O'Hearn) says he's auditioning to play World War II super-soldier Captain America. After Ed Norton and Robert Downey Jr., it's hard to believe Marvel will stoop to casting a reality TV show star as the Sentinel of Liberty. And as for Statham, I'm as eager as anyone to see Ben Affleck's terrible Matt Murdock buried forever, I'm not quite desperate enough to reach for Statham's trademark growl/smirk. [LA Times and Slashfilm]