Rumors From the DC Movieverse: Lex Luthor Cast? Wonder Woman Movie?

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

And is Arrow going to cross into the Justice League movie? Plus Chris Pine wants Kirk to go "dark" in Star Trek 3. And there's a chance of a T-Rex vs. robotic King Kong fight in Jurassic World. Go behind the scenes of RoboCop. And find out where Sleepy Hollow season three will pick up. Spoilers now!

Batman Vs. Superman

Season all of this with several grains of salt: For a while, reports have had Joaquin Phoenix in negotiations to play the "main" villain in the film. Comic Book Movie quotes an anonymous source saying that he's very close to taking a role, and that the "main villain" is Lex Luthor. So that makes it sound as though Phoenix is the first choice for Lex Luthor. The source also says that Henry Cavill will be sporting a much shorter haircut, to make him look more like Superman in Alex Ross and Mark Waid's Kingdom Come. He'll also have the S curl that he didn't have in Man of Steel.


The story at Comic Book Movie also says Batman Vs Superman will have a cliffhanger to lead into the next film, which is probably Justice League. Apparently, this is Warner Brothers' attempt to one-up Marvel's habit of putting teases for upcoming movies into the credits of their films. We're also told to be on the look out for casting news regarding Jason Momoa and Josh Holloway, regardless about what either have said about it. [Comic Book Movie]

Wonder Woman

In pretty standard big franchise move, Gal Gadot's contract to play Wonder Woman locks her into a three picture deal. While most franchises lock their stars in this way, it could also possibly mean that they're prepping her for a Wonder Woman and/or Justice League movie. [Coming Soon]

Justice League

Speaking of a possible Justice League movie, Stephen Amell has both stoked and banked rumors of him crossing over from Arrow into that project. First, he said this to Fandango:

All we have to do for something like that to happen, or even be a possibility, is continue to take care of business with our show and then we put ourselves in a position – but the important thing is our show. I have had discussions, but I think the gestation process for this project is a lot slower than most people think. I mean, they haven't even shot the next one. They haven't even shot a frame of the movie, before the movie everyone thinks is the Justice League movie!


Which seemed like a good sign. Then, he took to Facebook to clarify what he meant by "discussions," saying:

At no point, have I had 'studio level' discussions about any feature films at Warner Bros.


Which seems very carefully crafted to not eliminate the possibility, but to lower expectations raised by his earlier comment. So, that's still in limbo. [Coming Soon]

Jurassic World

Dinosaur supervisor, and meme subject, Phil Tippett has confirmed that he'll be back to work on Jurassic World. While he doesn't have a ton of details, he did say that the third act would have a T-Rex fighting a mechanical King Kong. It was said in a joking tone, so this may not actually be true. Then again, in this franchise, who knows? [K Pop Starz]


Star Trek

Chris Pine's got a hankering for a darker Kirk in the next Star Trek movie. He told Total Film:

Well, for anybody that's seen [Into Darkness], given the fact Kirk's been revived by Khan's blood, I think there's definitely room for Kirk to go dark, which we've obviously seen in the Original Series. That would be fun, I think.


If they're going to use a "dark Kirk" plot from TOS, can it be "The Enemy Within"? Let's see Chris Pine attempt to play two Kirks. Here's video of the interview. [via TrekCore]

I, Frankenstein

Director Stuart Beattie explained how the film came to include gargoyles and demons, saying it wasn't the studio's original decision:

No, they wanted me to use vampires and werewolves. [Laughs] I said, "Guys, you've done vampires and werewolves four times [in the Underworld franchise], very successfully. I'm very happy for you, but we need to do something different." I always loved gargoyles. When you're trying to introduce new supernatural beings, you start with a place where people kind of know what that is. I think people kind of know what gargoyles are, and what demons are.

As a kid, I remember the one thing I knew about gargoyles is that they were up there on the lookout for demons. The idea came from there. I just started writing a huge mythology about them, with histories and biographies and backstories and everything else. I spent a good several months just creating the world, thinking through the weapons, all of that stuff. I love all of that stuff.

For example, all of the actors had to learn the "gargoyle creed," the sacred oath. In the movie, Gideon talks about his "sacred duty," and that's the duty he's talking about. I had pronunciations for all of the names, bios for every character … that, to me, is part of the job, but it's also so much fun, becoming an expert and an authority on how gargoyles and demons do what they do. People would come to me and ask, "Can a demon do this?" And I'd distribute this information to all of the department heads, so it was there on paper, so everyone knew what we were doing. It involved a huge, huge, huge amount of writing and development.


[Comic Book Resources]


The studio released three behind-the-scenes "B-Roll" videos, and here they are:

300: Rise of an Empire

Here's another new trailer for 300: Rise of an Empire. [via Slashfilm]

Sleepy Hollow

Executive producer Mark Goffman gave a bit of a non-answer to the question of whether season two will pick up right after season one's finale or jump in time:

I don't want to say yet. But the great thing about the way this show is crafted is that we don't have to start in real time. We can begin in dream sequences, we can begin with a flashback to parts of the past and tell some of these stories. But I think it's pretty important to me that we get them both out pretty quickly. We know that Crane is in the coffin, so the clock is ticking quickly. He's in a lot of jeopardy so we have to face that very quickly and not take too long before addressing it.


He also explained that next season will both look at War's effect on Sleepy Hollow and seek to add more characters to their fictional town:

Since we're talking about next season, what's the theme? And how are you going to play with this War reveal?
Well, the idea of war, when you read it in the Bible, it's not only bombs and troops. War is really man against man, and turning against himself. So, really, what we're going to be looking at in season 2 is how does having the horseman of War here in the Sleepy Hollow influence our town.

Are y'all looking to introduce any new characters next season?
We actually do plan to introduce some new characters. One of the big goals, which goes along with the idea of war in Sleepy Hollow, is that we need to populate the town more. So we expect to build out and get to know more of the town of Sleepy Hollow and that will definitely mean bringing in some more characters. And some of them, I think, will be supernatural.


Goffman also said that Captain Irving is an integral part of the team, so next season will have him trying to find a way out of the confession he made:

He's innocent of the charges he confessed to, so I think we're going to have to play out how he is able to get himself out of this situation because he's confessed to two murders that he didn't do. And he has very special knowledge that only a small handful of people do about what's happening in Sleepy Hollow. He's very critical to our group, but he's trapped in this situation with his family. But I think he's very clever and he's going to figure a way out. I hope.


The EP refused to give answers on whether Jenny was really dead, and if we've seen the last of John Cho. [Entertainment Weekly]

The Originals

Whether or not Davina's met a permanent end, actress Danielle Campbell says that her character's death was really important:

This was a really strong point for Davina. The whole series you've seen her running away from her problems and the witches and her powers. [In the episode,] she's so sick, but you also see her be strong for once. She's [sacrificing herself] because she knows she's going to hurt the people she loves — even though they've hurt her — if she doesn't go through with it. So you see a completely different side of Davina and you see her really take a stand and be strong.


Campbell also says that Celeste is the show's true new villain, and laid out the witches' goals:

The witches are continuing to try and fulfill the harvest and everyone else has also been away trying to help it move along. Everyone wants these girls back alive, but in another way, Celeste brings her own twist to everything. That is what will headline the next episodes.


[TV Guide]

And here's an extended look at episode 1.12, "Dance Back from the Grave." [via SpoilerTV]

Tomorrow People

Last night saw the introduction of Alexa Vega as Hillary Cole, but Vega says that she'll be around for a few more episodes, even if she's not able to say how many:

I don't really know what I'm allowed to say. I will say this: I'm still in Vancouver shooting. The good news is I'm still kicking butt.


Vega also hinted that we may learn more about her character as the season goes on:

This is why I love this show so much – with each episode, they reveal new little things about every character. With each episode, it becomes either Stephen's episode, or Cara's episode, or John's episode, where you really start to get to know each character. So Hillary does start unfolding a little bit more. I'm eager to see what else they do with her, just because she's such an interesting girl. You want to know why she's so cutthroat and how can she be so brutal about everything and why is she such a stickler the way she is? I'm really eager to hear about her background and hopefully see how she came up. It keeps it interesting. You don't really know about all the characters yet. There's still so much about Aaron's [Yoo] character that we need to learn, so much about Stephen's mom and dad that's all still being revealed, so it keeps every episode really fresh. It's still all unraveling.


[Entertainment Weekly]


PJ Byrne said that his character plays the jealous brother to Gabriel:

My father looks at Gabriel as a son because he kind of created Gabriel and I'm actually his DNA son. I watched my father dote on my pseudo-brother and that's sort of hard on me because he can do everything I can do on a computer except he does it billion times faster so that's a little annoying.

The fact that I think I'm good looking and he's like godly looking that's a little annoying. I'm sure he's infinitely better with the ladies so that's going to annoy me. I feel like I can get into fight too but he's also a trained Navy Delta Force guy so everything he does it's just better than me. That's a massive point of contention and then my father dotes on him a lot. That's going to get under someone's skin. That's one side of it.

The other side is that I really do love my brother if you will. It's like the dynamic in any family. He's your brother and you love him, but when he's amazing there's some jealousy there. At the end of the day, we are brothers and we have each other's back so it gives a nice little family spark.


He also said that, even though we haven't seen it yet, Nelson will go out into the field:

I call it "in the field" and on those episodes where I go, I'm always walking around the set going "in the field." I go out quite a bit. It's exciting. That's another reason I wanted to do this show. It was a conscience thing. I'm not just gonna sit behind a computer and I'm now the guy at home who's not trained to do this but finds himself in the field. And that is awesome. Maybe I pick up a gun. Maybe I pickup that gun. I don't know.


[Buddy TV]

Agents of SHIELD

Go here for more photos for episode 1.13, T.R.A.C.K.S. [SpoilerTV]

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Here's a promo for episode 9.12, "Sharp Teeth." [via SpoilerTV]


Here's a preview of episode 1.09, "Along Came a Spider." [via SpoilerTV]

Being Human

Go here for more cast photos. [SpoilerTV]

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