We’re still several months away from meeting our newest big screen Batman, but rumors are already surfacing about what Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight may be up to in his first solo outing. The good news is that these newest rumors happen to pretty plausible.

JoBlo reports that two famous Batman comic storylines will help make up the solo Batman movie: “A Death in the Family” and “Under The Hood.” Their sources tell them—and this is obviously still a rumor as a script for this film doesn’t exist yet—the film will center on former Robin Jason Todd, In the comics, Batman believes Todd is murdered by the Joker in the classic ‘80s comic storyline “A Death in the Family,” but Todd returns as the Red Hood in the ‘00 storyline “Under the Hood,” as a vigilante without Batman’s compunction against killing criminals.

We’ve also heard rumors a few months back that the Red Hood was a character the architects of this cinematic universe had been looking as possibly a lynchpin. And the Red Hood theory is also bolstered by actual shots in the Batman v Superman trailer of Batman dealing with the passing of some version of Robin (above), and the Joker’s feelings on it. Perhaps most importantly, they also contradict certain other rumors, namely that of Jared Leto’s Joker actually being Jason Todd.

There are more details in the JoBlo article, so head there and read that, but here are the caveats. A solo Batman movie won’t be in production for quite some time so even if this is true right now, things could very easily change in the coming months and years. Then again, if the seeds of this story are already in Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, the wheels could also be in motion. We’ll just have to wait and see.



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