Rumor: Naked Arnie Will Look "Like A Ken Doll" In Terminator Genisys

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The new Terminator movie will give us another look at the iconic scene from the original film, where a naked killer robot arrives in the past to hunt down Sarah Connor. But now it appears as though we'll be seeing a lot more of Naked Arnold Schwarzenegger than we had in the past... but he won't be anatomically correct.


Fansite TheTerminatorFans, which has a reasonably good track record about Genisys info, has the story, via "a source close to the production":

'The Terminator' has been castrated folks! He will now resemble a 'Ken Doll' (Barbie's boyfriend)... This is a bold daring move for Skydance… oh how different the previous movies would have turned out if this was the case… most likely with people saying this man doesn't have a penis? Without clothes the infiltrator would be useless and a target for mockery.

As the site points out, this flies in the face of what's been established in the previous films — the first movie actually airbrushed out Schwarzenegger's, um, schwantz. But when the movie was remastered from the original filmstock for the Ultimate Edition, they used the non-airbrushed version and you could see something "thwacking around" as he approached the punks. In Terminator 2 as he enters the biker bar, the women inside seemed to be impressed by whatever they saw down there.

But now this is being retconned. More details from TheTerminatorFans:

Back-shots of the stunt-double will be retained, while all frontal shots could well be 100% CGI Arnold with the above 'Ken doll' crotch.... the young Schwarzenegger stunt-double wore a c*ck sock (material worn on his genitals) for filming scenes, [and] obviously the 'offending article' will be removed with CGI magic for the movie.

This also now means, in all logical terms; that naked Arnold Schwarzenegger figures may be possible for sale to children in the near future! So for the many fans that would be interested in a nude Terminator figure- your dreams are likely to happen if this comes to pass! Which is quite possibly one of the only positives to take away from this change.

Now maybe Resistance HQ just gets people to drop their pants before being allowed into underground safe zones.

More info (including sketches of what the result could look like) at the link. [The Terminator Fans]

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