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Another round of Spider-Man rumors had us hoping that the fourth installment would be Kirsten Dunst's last. Is it too much to hope there's a grain of truth this time around?

Star Magazine claims that Dunst will be written out of the next Spider-Man film:

"The plan is for her character to be written out, probably by dying. Anne will take over as Peter Parker's new love interest for this project and for Spider-Man 5 and 6 which are being written now. Anne's in L.A. doing a lot of meetings on the movie, because filming is right around the corner."


But Hathaway's representative told Gossip Cop there's no truth to rumors Hathaway will be Spidey's new girl. Nor has there been any confirmation that Hathaway's even in the film, in the rumored "Vultress" role or any other. Still, we can always hope the part about Mary Jane dying off is true.

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