The latest 1980s toyline-to-movie franchise could be Dino-Riders, if Mattel has its way—and if this rumor is true. Tracking Board says the toy company is teaming up with Solipsist to bring the former franchise to movie theaters, which is interesting because Dino-Riders wasn’t even popular in the 80s.

Sure, it sounds like a sure-fire winner—it’s about people who ride dinosaurs outfitted with weapons and fight each other—but somehow only a single 14-episode season of the cartoon was produced in 1988, although the toys managed to hang on until 1990. Dino-Riders doesn’t have anything close to the cultural cache of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, and Mattel has been actively working on bringing that franchise to theaters for over a decade to no avail.


I guess what I’m saying is I’m sure Mattel wants to make a live-action Dino-Riders movie much like I want to write a crime novel about a nerd who uses his vast lore of He-Man trivia to solve murders; I’d definitely love for it to happen, but I’m not exactly putting much effort into it. Whatever the truth is, I wouldn’t expect the Dino-Riders to be riding anywhere anytime soon.

[Tracking Board via Comic Book Resources]

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