Rumor: Man of Steel could feature the most brutal superhero beatdown ever filmed

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New rumors circulating about the new Superman movie Man of Steel include a massive, vicious fight for Clark Kent — only it's not with the villain you expect. Spoilers ahead...


Superman reportedly gets his ass kicked not by General Zod, but by his sidekick, Faora. And apparently it's three times worse than another famous superhero smackdown.

Comic Book Movie has a report from their Super Hero Hype message boards, taken from an alleged source close to the production:

"In line with what I've heard, Superman barely scrapes by in the movie against Zod and Faora and other supposed less powerful enemies, the person who literally beats the bloody hell out of him the most is not Zod (he actually apparently fares much better against the General) is Faora. You know the ass kicking Spider-Man receives from Green Goblin in spider-man 1 what with Tobey screaming in major pain with each punch and knee that Goblin gives him... multiply that by 3 and that's what Faora does to Superman. Or of Omni-Man's beat down of Invincible.

At first they're not as powerful but later on as she applies her fight training and adapts them to her powers, she gives Superman one of the worst beatings a hero has faced on camera... She "Doomsdays" him... literally pulverizing him with precision and lethal strength with hitting pressure-points, nerves and even just outclasses Supes in bare knuckle and gives Supes a severe beat down...he's total agony this entire time, bloody and broken and barely gets away. My buddy doesn't know at all how Superman defeats these guys eventually but he did say that Superman in this film gets hurt a lot more easily than Routh's pre-crisis Superman...the military can hurt him too but Faora pretty much nearly kills him in hand to hand."

Of course this is totally unconfirmed and just a rumor at this point, but it sounds pretty exciting. A Superman who actually has some vulnerability could wind up being more heroic than a version of Supes that shakes off any challenge.


This doesn't impress me. My pet peeve with superman has always been that he (in a lot, but not all media) doesn't know HOW to fight. He just throws haymakers all day. Seriously, its bad. You'd think Bats would have loaned him a copy of Bruce Lee's Jeet Kun Do by now.