That "Marvel Taking Back Fantastic Four" Rumor Is False [UPDATED]

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You’re going to need a giant salt lick for this one, but it’s not totally out of line with Marvel’s history: there’s a rumor that Fox exchanged the movie rights to Fantastic Four for the two X-Men series that were announced yesterday. Update: We’re hearing from multiple credible sources that this is not true.


Den of Geek does caution that they don’t have independent verification of what their source told them, but it’s hard to discount the possibility. Marvel’s through-2020 slate does have three untitled movies on their schedule, and one is supposedly Fantastic Four.

The facts are that Fantastic Four did not do well for Fox, the X-Men TV deal is huge, and Marvel has already done something exactly like this for Spider-Man. It’s all circumstantial evidence that makes this rumor much more plausible than it would otherwise be.


On the other hand, without any official confirmation or verification from another source, who knows? Basically, we kind of just have to shrug at this and say, “Could be true.” But it’s definitely to a nod to Marvel’s current power that this is believable at all.

Update: Believable or not, we’re being told by our sources that this isn’t currently true. Whether or not that means Marvel will never get back the rights to Fantastic Four remains up in the air. But for now, it looks like everyone’s staying where they are.

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