Rumor: Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman Outfit Will Include Pants And A Jacket

As usual, locate your local salt dealer. Actually, you should just buy a salt lick, because as Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice ramps up, the rumors are only going to pick up. The newest one? Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman outfit will be based on her 2010, pre-New 52 redesign, introduced in comic issue #600.

There was a lot of an outcry when her new costume was originally revealed — more about her inexplicable non-Amazonian-appropriate leather jacket than her leggings, I'd like to think — but somehow, given Superman's costume in Man of Steel and the black-and-white look we got at Ben Affleck's Batman outfit, I don't know.The specific Wonder Woman look just seems to fit with them, somehow


I honestly think it could work, if it's real, of course. If you have your doubts, maybe this incredible cosplay designed by Hermes Terceiro and worn by Sarah Scott will help assuage your fears:

Although it is worth pointing out that if this rumor is true, then DC will have 1) redesigned Wonder Woman for no apparent reason in 2010, 2) dropped the redesign after about six months because fans hated it, 3) rebooted their entire universe just a few months after that but kept her in her classic outfit, and yet 4) when they finally decide to bring this classic, 75-year-old character to film for the very first time, they 5) use the one comic outfit that lasted maybe six months and that the character's fans mostly loathed.

Again, I think the outfit will actually work in a live-action movies. But that doesn't mean this decision isn't still really, really funny, though.


[Via Moviepilot]

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