Rumor control on The Hobbit and the Buffy remake. Plus tons of Fright Night and Walking Dead details!

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New Transformers set pics show a Decepticon rampage. There's a high-res Resident Evil trailer. The Hobbit may have found its director. A scary Buffy rumor is debunked. Plus Doctor Who, Fright Night, Walking Dead, Alphas, The Event and True Blood!


Transformers 3:

Remember that set picture/report we had a while back showing a building that had been built so it could be tilted and flipped on its side? New set photos show it in action — a Decepticon attacks Shia LaBeouf, Rosie Huntington-Whitley, Tyrese Gibson and some soldiers, and tips over a building. Here are some pics and a video. More pics at the first link.
[Just Jared and JebusHChrist on Flickr, via Slashfilm]

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The Hobbit:

Rumor has it Neill Blomkamp has already been hired to replace Guillermo Del Toro as director of this two-part film. Nothing official yet, though. [The One Ring]

Resident Evil: Afterlife:

Here's that scary new trailer in HD.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer:

In case you forgot, there's still talk of remaking the 1992 movie without Joss Whedon or the television castmembers. Now there's been a chain of rumors, which are already shot down. Vanessa Hudgens was supposedly offered a part in this film, but turned it down — and one version of the rumor said that Sarah Michelle Gellar was going to be in the film too, somehow. But apparently, no part of this was ever true. Hudgens was not offered anything, and Gellar is not involved. You can go back to your lives now. [CinemaBlend]


Fright Night:

Some more details about the remake. Charlie (Anton Yelchin) is a nerd who hits a growth spurt and winds up distancing himself from his nerdy friend Evil Ed (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) so he can date the super-popular girl Amy (Imogen Poots). Because Charlie is now a jock. Just run with it. But Evil Ed, who's a horror nerd, realizes that Charlie's next-door neighbor (Colin Farrell) may be a vampire. Evil Ed describes the vampire neighbor as the shark from Jaws. And David Tennant's character, horror host Peter Vincent, has a smaller role than in the original film but it could still allow Tennant to do some cool stuff if the director follows the script's suggestions. This film comes out Oct. 7, 2011. [Slashfilm]


Iron Sky:

It's not exactly a spoiler, but it's sort of interesting. This Nazis-on-the-Moon film is now officially an Australian/German/Finnish co-production. Most of the location work will happen in Frankfurt, but the studio filming will all be at Roadshow Studios on the Gold Coast, and there may be a couple of location days in Australia as well. And please let me know if this paragraph makes any sense to you:

For us, it is an official German/Australian co-production. It will also be an official German/Finnish co-production under the European convention. As such, Australia considers the Finnish elements to be German.


[Encore Magazine]

Doctor Who:

Matt Smith tells you what to expect from this episode, and there's a new photo! [BlogtorWho]

The Walking Dead:

More casting news. Keith Allan Hayes will play an undisclosed role, possibly Tyrese. Meanwhile, Addy Miller won't be playing Sophie, as originally believed — instead, she'll play a zombified child. [Walking Dead Podcast via Comic Book Movie]


Original comic creator Robert Kirkman says of the cast:

It's interesting because they're not characters that I'm writing very much any more. I'm working on the book every month, but most of the people on the show are dead in the comic. Spoiler alert! [Laughs] I'm walking around set thinking to myself, "Yeah, I killed that guy. Yup, killed her. Probably gonna kill him next issue!" So it's a different experience, and there are a lot of cool twists that are going to make the show entertaining for people who have read the comic.


And he says that he blew through stuff really fast in the comic that the TV show is dwelling on more. [AMCTV]


Remember this new Syfy series? It's set to film its pilot in Toronto, with Lost's Jack Bender directing a script by Zak Penn (Incredible Hulk) and Michael Karnow (Lost). It's about a team of ordinary people with superior mental abilities, who... wait for it... take the law into their own hands. [The Hollywood Reporter]


The Event:

A few new promos promise exciting adventures, rich characters and the show not being another Heroes:
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The Gates:

Were you one of the elite few who watched the first episode of this suburban vampire show? Apparently Claire (Rhona Mitra) is going to be struggling to put her slip-up with her new neighbor behind her. Meanwhile, Nick (Frank Grillo) is going to come closer to finding out the secret of The Gates, much to his dismay. [E! Online]


True Blood:

Lafayette's new love interest Jesus will be around for the rest of the season, and there will be some steamy scenes between them. It's not just a fling, says Nelsan Ellis.

Lafayette don't spend time on flings. They come and then they go, but this character, Jesus, he's been with for about two weeks. That's a lifetime for Lafayette, and he has deep, deep feelings for Jesus.


Meanwhile we'll be seeing more sides of Pam, including her father-daughter relationship with Eric, and her role in vampire politics. And Alexander Skarsgard hints that Eric may not be as secure at the top of the Bon Temps heap as he thinks he is. [E! Online]

James Frain, Kristin Bauer and Joe Manganiello fill you in on what's next. [E! Online]
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Denis O'Hare explains more about the King Of Mississippi's plan:

All Russell knows now is that the Queen wants Sookie; Russell wants to find out why. His eventual goal is to take over every state and become the first vampire president of the United States, and his first target is Louisiana. Russell wants to use Bill as a spy to gain insight into Sophie-Anne so he can blackmail her into marrying him. Along the way, he realizes that Sookie is actually the prize, and then he becomes obsessed with her.


[TV Guide]

Also, Sam Trammell talks to new co-star Marshall Allman. [SpoilerTV]

Stargate Universe:

Showrunner Robert C. Cooper clarifies that he's not leaving the show entirely, just stepping back to more of a consulting role. But he's written three scripts for season two, and he'll be around. His decision is mostly due to the fact that he's spent 14 years working on Stargate, basically his whole career, and he's ready for a change. [Gateworld]


Additional reporting by Mary Ratliff.

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