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Rufus Sewell Debuts His Crazy Eyes In New Elemental Clip

It looks like Rufus Sewell's performance in Jerry Bruckheimer's new show Elemental takes a page from his work in CSI. Including the one recluse-type main character, lots of hypothetical question asking, and great musical crescendos for commercial breaks. As in the original British show, the Patrick Stewart-starring Eleventh Hour, Jacob Hood (Sewell) is the lone-wolf scientist the government calls in to deal with weird situations. He's matched with sexy blonde bodyguard Rachel (just Rachel). And judging from this new clip, Sewell brings the science with a heavy dollop of moralizing. [Trek Movie]


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He needs to have a hook right before the commercial just like David Caruso with his sunglasses. "And this abomination is what happens when you try it on women" and then he pops a tic tac into his mouth.