Would you like to design deathtrap dungeons, run epic adventures, and portray nefarious NPC villains as your actual job? Then this might be the greatest job listing of all time.

Roll20 is a web app that provides a virtual tabletop for running RPGs. It's pretty highly regarded among RPG players who like to play with far-flung friends or Internet pals. And today, Roll20 posted a new job opening: Games Master. Now your ability to calculate THAC0 on the fly is a genuine job qualification.

Contractor will...create engaging content for our audience, with an emphasis on showing the best ways to utilize the Roll20 platform across a wide array of gaming experiences. Contractor will host at least two live game broadcasts per week, produce Q&A sessions for the community along with our Dev Team, and be a general "go to" resource for other GMs who want to make the most of Roll20's toolset in their games.


Go to the Roll20 blog to read the full set of qualifications and responsibilities, then apply. Because you could be getting paid to play D&D.