Rough Cut Star Wars' Cantina Scene Is Like Being On The Set Of New Hope

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The Mos Eisley Cantina set is probably one of the most recognizable and beloved Star Wars settings. And now, thanks to an edited together rough cut video, you can experience what it probably felt like inside the Star Wars set while George Lucas was filming in 1976.


Granted, everything would be a lot slower as that's not really how filming works, but still this is a close look at what the Lucas sets of yore looked like. Just a bunch of actors in costumes and masks and an excellent set. No green screen.

Unedited Star Wars Cantina Scene by chanoy

For comparison, here's what the final scene looked like.

[via Raiders of the Lost Tumblr]

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This looks a lot like the Lucas cut of the movie. Before his wife came in and saved the fucking film. Lucas did a "documentary" style cut of the movie. That was pretty blah... bland, and terrible. His wife came in, re-cut it and made it... well... made it "Star Wars"!