Rotating, Wind-Controlled Skyscrapers Dominate the Skyline of Eco-Cities

You might have heard about the rotating skyscrapers already — one is set to be built in Moscow, and the other in Dubai. Floors slowly rotate around the building in a variety of patterns, powered by giant wind turbines fitted between floors, so the entire structure appears to shift and move with the wind. They look amazing, and are also entirely wind-powered, so these sinuous mega-structures could be the key to high density eco-housing of the future. In this new video from the UK Guardian, the rotating skyscraper's architect David Fisher explains how the buildings' construction will be unique as well. Each pie-shaped suite is pre-made on the ground, and then its narrow end is locked on to a central shaft and then raised to the top of the building. So these crazy structures are literally made from the top-down. See how that works in this vid. [Rotating skyscrapers via UK Guardian]


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