Rosemary's Baby will be rebooted as a NBC miniseries

Illustration for article titled emRosemarys Baby/em will be rebooted as a NBC miniseries

The trend of horror television will not stop — hooray! Entertainment Weekly reports that the classic 1968 movie Rosemary's Baby is getting a rebooted as a four-hour, miniseries on NBC.

The new version will be set in Paris (instead of New York City). Scott Abbott and James Wong, of the The X-Files and Final Destination movies, will write the screenplay. And Agnieszka Holland (The Wire, Treme) will direct. But what of the haircut?

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Hm. Wong co-wrote some of the better X-Files eps, including "Home," and both The Wire and Treme are quite good and even-paced, which is necessary for the slow-burn of Rosemary's Baby. Other than this being on network rather than cable, I'm cautiously optimistic. I don't think the movie needs a remake, mind, but it might be interesting, and if it is bad, it, like the tv movie sequel, will be quickly forgotten.