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Room 237 trailer shows why we all need a documentary about The Shining

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The Shining "making of" documentary Room 237 has released a brand new trailer. There's not a lot going on, but the track and the eventual surprise are a perfect compliment to Stanley Kubrick's original work. The documentary attempts to explore the various different themes hidden or merely implied in the horror movie. It's getting a lot of love from the critics, and this new trailer is a perfect homage to the original. IFC has just picked up Room 237, and will release it later this year under their IFC Midnight label.


[via Apple Trailers]

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Didn't Kubrick's wife already make a making of The Shining documentary? I watched it on the old-as-hell DVD copy I have many years ago. Seems like it would be hard to be closer to the source material than that.