Ronald D. Moore explains why the original Cylon had to be half teenage girl, half robot

In this exclusive clip from from the Caprica season one DVD box set, show creator Ronald D. Moore explains why he gave the show's proto-Cylon human form half of the time, and why it looked so ominous.


Other features from the DVD box set include:

* SEASON 1.5 SNEAK PEEK: An all-new sneak peek at upcoming episodes featuring Ronald D. Moore and the Caprica cast.
* 13 VIDEO BLOGS: A look behind-the-scenes and from the set of "Caprica."
* PODCASTS with co-creator/executive producer, Ronald D. Moore, executive producer David Eick, co-executive producer Jonas Pate and the "Caprica" cast and crew.
* FEATURE COMMENTARIES with co-creator/executive producer Ronald D. Moore, executive producers Jane Espenson and David Eick along with director Jeffrey Reiner.
* UNRATED & EXTENDED PILOT EPISODE: with commentary from director Jeffrey Reiner, executive producer/writer Ronald D. Moore and executive producer David Eick.

-THE CAPRICA DYNASTY: Viewers will learn how "Caprica" came about and discover from the cast exactly what it was that appealed to them about the project and their experiences making it.
- THE LOOK OF CAPRICA: With its unique take on futuristic style, "Caprica" redefines the Sci-Fi genre with a mix of film noir and classic 1940s fashion. Fans will discover the influences for this distinctive look and learn how it was achieved.
- CREATING A WORLD: Visual Effects supervisor, Gary Hutzel and his team lift the lid on the virtual sets, CGI Cylons and matte backgrounds that makes up the futuristic world of "Caprica."


Caprica's box set will be available October 5th.

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Nine episodes does not constitute a box set. It isn't even a season.