Wonderful news Brutus and Balzaak fans — there's a new viral video from fake scifi writer Ronald Chevalier, played by Jemaine Clement from Flight Of the Conchords. Chevalier, author of all 10 Cyborg Harpies novellas, sits down and explains how music inspires his scifi manuscripts. As he plays chords, he explainshow this sound makes him think of electronic dogs scavaging for a home. Which is almost as good as his last video about relaxing and protecting your "seed" from snakes.Dr. Ronald Chevalier!
Click to view Chevalier is part of the upcoming scifi comedy Gentlemen Broncos, which stars Sam Rockwell who dresses up as a self described Transvestite Captain Kangaroo, Jennifer Coolidge and Michael Angarano. Chevalier is a famous scifi writer who steals his new book idea from his biggest fan, a young boy. Clement has been doing weird science fictional spoofs for years. Case in point: one of the best Flight Of The Conchords songs, "The Humans Are Dead," is about a robot uprising that killed all the humans. Binary solo!

[Ronald Chevalier]


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