Ron Livingston's Astronaut Soap Opera Has Lift-Off

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Get ready for zero-gravity slap fights — ABC just bought 13 episodes of the drama Defying Gravity. Ron Livingston and Laura Harris (The Faculty) play ex-lovers trapped on a seven-year space mission with a team of international astronauts.


Executive producers James Parriott (Grey's Anatomy) and Michael Edelstein (Desperate Housewives) teamed up to bring us this drama from the near future. Ron Livingston has the title role as captain who is named Maddux (what a name), and Harris plays Chloe the adorable geologist who used to date Livingston. Because that seems like a totally plausible pairing for a six-year space mission: space drams.

Right now, the show is hoping to do two more seasons, if all goes well.

[The Hollywood Reporter]

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You know I actually quite liked Virtuality, why don't they just pick that up since Fox could care less and this just seems like a dumber version of that?