Ron Jeremy's "One Eyed Monster" Is Controlled by Aliens

When aliens possess legendary porn star Ron Jeremy's special asset during a secluded movie shoot, panic ensues! We've got some amazing behind-the-scenes footage from the detachable penis scifi comedy, "One Eyed Monster." Possibly NSFW.

The big special effects blockbusters get CGI artists, but this movie gets something even more awesome: A dick wrangler. You can hear all about his special craft in this bonus clip.


There's also this amazing scene with two of the porn actresses in the film (one of whom is actually a porn actresses in real life too). This is comedy gold, people.

Not only does the flick feature the Hedgehog himself, but it's also got Buffy fave Amber Benson. And it looks freakin hilarious. You can pick it up on DVD on April 28.


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Oh Amber? What happened to your career!?