Ron Howard's Latest Han Solo Tweet Is Either His Most Revealing, or Best Troll, Yet

Image: Lucasfilm
Image: Lucasfilm

Director Ron Howard has tweeted a lot of intriguing and cool photos from the set of the untitled Han Solo movie, but his latest either confirms a long standing fan theory or pokes fun at it. You decide.


Here’s the tweet.

And here’s the image blown up a bit.

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So that looks like an elevator shaft of some kind. Maybe an elevator into a mine. And the caption “Spicey” is not just a little wink to this week’s Emmys, but maybe a bit more literal. We could be looking at the entrance to a spice mine. And if you’re on the set of a Han Solo movie and you have a spice mine, you’re probably on Kessel. And if you’re a Han Solo movie on Kessel, maybe you do a run. You catch where we’re going here, right?

Yes, there’s a good chance this photo is Howard’s way of teasing that the Han Solo movie is going to show Solo complete his legendary feat of speed with his newly acquired ship, the Millennium Falcon. Which makes sense considering rumors have persisted the film will check many of the Solo backstory boxes from the original trilogy: Kessel Run, winning the Falcon from Lando, Chewie’s life debt, smuggling for Jabba, etc.


Or, you know, this is some other set entirely and Ron Howard is pulling a fast one on us. And if that’s the case, a tip of the cap to you, Opie.

Hopefully we’ll find out more in the next few months with a first teaser trailer, poster (or image or title, or ANYTHING) from the film.


The untitled Han Solo Star Wars Story opens May 25, 2018.



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John Cooley

Honestly, that’s fine by me.

If you’re doing a Han Solo movie, why not structure it around the stuff we know about? Kessel Run, winning the Falcon, pairing up with Chewie etc- all of that is ready made for a 2-hour adventure. The real magic trick will be weaving into it enough unexpected elements and good character driven storytelling to make it an engaging story, rather than a checklist of Easter egg references.