Ron Howard's Arrested Development Parody of Star Wars Puts a Hilarious Spin on A New Hope

On the next Arrested Development...
On the next Arrested Development...
Image: Lucasfilm

It even has narration from Ron Howard.

On today’s edition of The Star Wars Show, Solo: A Star Wars Story director Ron Howard stopped by for a very interesting interview about the upcoming film, which is even intercut with some new behind-the-scenes footage. However, he also added his voice to a completely hilarious Arrested Development parody that works way too well for words and kind of overshadows even that new info. Just watch.

The best part is it works if you haven’t seen Arrested Development—but, if you have, the inserts and nods to the show make it even funnier. Pete Rose sliding into second? The best.


Oh, right, and there was that whole interview with the director of a new Star Wars movie with new footage too. You can watch that below.


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“And that’s why you leave a note.”

HAAAHAHA, this was so good! If they had a reference to George Michael practicing lightsaber moves using Luke, I would be dead