Ron Howard To Retell The Fake Adventures Of H.P. Lovecraft?

There's nothing like paying respect to great writer, by making a live-action movie that reads like Van Helsing. Hollywood's latest movie is sure to put H.P. Lovecraft's corpse on permanent spin cycle.

The Strange Adventures of H.P. Lovecraft is adapted from the Image Comics' graphic novel loosely inspire by the life of great fantasy horror writer H.P. Lovecraft, which comes out April 8th. Cover artist Adam Byrne explained the concept behind the new comic to Comic Book Resources:

We've tried to take Lovecraft's biography—he's such a compelling character—and blend it with his bizarre mythology, which is vast and mind-bending. You might think of the story like ‘Shakespeare in Love,' but instead of Shakespeare it's Lovecraft, and instead of ‘Romeo and Juliet' it's the cosmic horror of Cthulhu.



Granted Bloody Disgusting gave the first comic a short but positive review, but I'm highly skeptical — especially now that Ron Howard has purchased the movie rights, and could possibly direct the feature. Howard excels with "serious" material, but the second he's dealing with the mystical or the paranormal, it's all down hill — not that I didn't love Willow for all the wrong reasons.

I just don't want to see Nic Cage running around fighting Cthulhu. So until I read the comic I'll be slightly optimistic, but when they cast Russell Crowe as Lovecraft, I may shed a tear.



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