Rogue One Writer Signs On For TV Adaptation Of Sinatoro

Courtesy Black Mask Studios
Courtesy Black Mask Studios

Modern “comic of the dead” Sinatoro isn’t even on shelves yet and already it looks to be heading to the small screen. Filmmakers Chris and Paul Weitz announced at San Diego Comic-Con that they’re teaming up with author Grant Morrison and Universal Television to adapt the comic book for television.


While the comic hasn’t secured a deal with a studio yet, Sinatoro looks to be in pretty good hands. Chris Weitz is fresh off writing Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, while his brother Paul Weitz has seen success on Amazon after co-creating the Golden Globe-winning series Mozart in the Jungle.

Sinatoro is based on the upcoming Black Mask Studios comic by Morrison with artist Vanesa R. Del Rey. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it’s an American take on the “Tibetan Book of the Dead,” with a so-called necronaut going into the afterlife to save Earth from being destroyed.

Morrison, famous for his work on Batman, Superman, X-Men and others, originally wrote Sinatoro as a screenplay for a movie in 2010 before Black Mask Studios picked it up as a comic two years ago. For Morrison, having it go from movie to comic to television is pretty kismet.

“It’s one of my favorite stories I’ve done,” Morrison said. “So excited to see it finding a new life as a television series where there’s time to expand the ideas and characters.”

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

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Never heard of it! But I do know a Black Mask comic that IS already on the shelves that can be adapted for film!