Rogue One Images Confirm New Ships, New Characters, and a Major Cameo (UPDATED)

Update: We’ve removed the images from this post at the request of the license holder. Also, multiple sites are saying that, as the images were not final, some of the information presented in them may also be incorrect. For now, consider this a series of rumors at best.

Early versions of images from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story: The Official Visual Story Guide have revealed a ton of information that we have been dying to know.


The German website Jedi-Bibliotek has some not-final pages from a new tie-in book called Rogue One: A Star Wars Story: The Official Visual Story Guide, which reveal new ships, new characters, give us names for characters we have met before—and might confirm the presence of a major Star Wars figure.

First off, we have two new ships to drool over. The Rebels continue to plunder the alphabet with the U-Wing, while the Empire adds the TIE Striker.

More importantly, we have names and descriptions for our team of Rebels. We knew Felicity Jones was Jyn Erso already, and we suspected that the droid spotted in the trailer was Alan Tudyk’s CGI character. But now we know for certain that it is, and it’s name is K-250, an Imperial model enforcer droid that somehow ends up on the Rebel’s side. Here’s the rest of the Rebel crew, via Jedi News:

  • Diego Luna is Captain Cassian Andor, a Rebel Alliance Officer.
  • Jiang Wen is Baze, a “freelance assassin.”
  • Riz Ahmed is Bodhi, another rebel soldier.
  • Donnie Yen is Chirrut, a “spiritual warrior.”
  • Pao and Bistan, two “fierce warrior” alien characters, both with no actor names attached.

On the Imperial side, Ben Mendelssohn’s character has been named as Director Krennic. Krennic is an Imperial “military director” clearly tasked with standing between the Rebels and the “secret” Death Star. The page also identifies the black Stormtroopers as Death Troopers:

We’re still missing Mads Mikkelsen’s character name—probably “Something Erso,” given that he’s supposed to be Jyn’s father—and Forest Whitaker. Some of this text isn’t finalized yet, so the generic descriptions could be placeholders for something new. But the big reveal is Darth Vader appearing, seeming to confirm the rumors that he’s in Rogue One:

And what a looming presence he is.

[Jedi-Bibliotek via Jedi News]


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