Rogue One Gets a (Fan-Made) Opening Crawl

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I don’t know about you, but when I was watching Rogue One I found it incredibly disconcerting to be watching a Star Wars film that didn’t include John Williams’ triumphant opening theme of the traditional opening crawl. One fan has decided to correct that by making his own.


It’s not perfect—despite the obvious similarities, I feel like the semi-complete first Death Star would need to look markedly different from the semi-complete second Death Star featured in Return of the Jedi; I think calling Galen Erso Director Krennic’s “long-lost friend” is very misrepresentative; and I’m weirded out how the crawl fades away into the exact middle of the screen and not somewhere nearer to the top—but it does scratch an itch I’d been feeling since I saw the movie.


I get why Disney/Lucasfilm decided to do away with the crawl for its anthology stories, to set the main movies apart, and I even agree with the decision. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t super-weird to be watching a Star Wars film without it.


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I am not buying their excuse to not include a crawl. All of the video games made have included a crawl and those tie even less into the overall universe than this movie.

Oh and all the comic books have one too. So sit down shut your yap and give me my crawl.