Rogue One Director Stole the Death Star Plans

Credit: Lucasfilm
Credit: Lucasfilm

Looks like we don’t need to see Rogue One anymore, because we already knows how it ends.

During a live Facebook chat with the cast, director Gareth Edwards announced that he stole the Death Star schematics prop from the set of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Well, he never fully admitted it, giving us a bit of “plausible deniability,” since he said that Disney would totally want them back. But, come on guys, that’s too awesome a thing to lie about.

“There was only one thing I wanted the whole shoot, and the entire time I kept whispering to people, like, ‘Where do you keep that? Where will it be at the end? How do I get a hold of it? Can I have it?’ And they were like ‘No, this is going to be archived. A part of history,’” Edwards said. “[So] I stole the Death Star plans.”


That is pretty badass of Edwards. Not only is he now in possession of one of the most iconic pieces of Star Wars memorabilia, but he also single-handedly resolved the whole conflict of his movie. The team’s entire goal is to procure the Death Star plans for the rebellion, and Edwards already snatched them so he could keep them at his house. He’s basically rendered his whole film pointless. That takes balls.

Of course, Ben Mendelsohn, who plays Director Orson Krennic in Rogue One, promised to get the plans back for Darth Mouse, with other members of the Rogue One team promising to pitch in.

“Yeah, we’re good at that,” Riz Ahmed added.



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