Roger Ebert Incurs Star Wars Fans' Wrath

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After accusing the Fanboys movie characters of being "idiotic," Roger Ebert unleashed the wrath of Star Wars' self-proclaimed Force Caster, who calls Ebert out as a self-loathing fanboy who fell asleep during Empire Strikes Back.


Jimmy Mac from "The Force-Cast, which he calls the most downloaded Star Wars podcast on the net, laced into the movie critic for writing this line in his Fanboys review:

"Its primary flaw is that it's not critical. It is a celebration of an idiotic lifestyle, and I don't think it knows it"


Mac took great offense at this smear against genre lovers - well, more specifically, Star Wars lovers. He listed all the wonderful things Star Wars fans contribute to society, from the 501st on down, and even pointed out that Ebert hates his own kind, because he gave Phantom Menance a positive review when the rest of the world turned their backs on this prequel:

Since your positive review of "The Phantom Menace," you have pretty much ripped on anything having to do with Star Wars. Is this your way of making it up to your cronies in your industry??? Are you embarrassed you admitted you liked "Phantom Menace" (a wonderful film) in the first place?

So, Please take time to reconsider the terrible way you depicted the broad base of Star Wars fandom. What's wrong with an individual expressing his love and passion for a film franchise that influenced so many? Call us geeks or nerds, whatever you want. Because at the end of the day, we are all just people. And lets face it, at the end of the day, you are nothing more than simply a glorified movie nerd yourself. Eat that, Roger, you Fanboy!!!

But my personal favorite poke at the famed critic is when Mac calls Ebert out for falling asleep at The Empire Strikes Back Special Edition media screening, which kind of gives me this image of Ebert snoring on a pissed off Mac's shoulder.

Still the very best part of this argument is the fact that Mr. Ebert decided to post the angry rant on his webpage, which just makes me love The Brown Bunny hating critic even more. Well played, sir. There is nothing like a good nerd fight. Who do you think was right?


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Fellas, fellas. Fuck him. Fuck them all. This is *our* movie, not theirs. It's a movie about nerds, by nerds, for nerds. It wasn't ever really supposed to be a real movie, for Pete's sake, its a movie about another movie. The real question here is why did Ebert take the time to review a movie that wasn't even trying? Would book critics review fan fiction just because it came in a binding?