Roddy McDowall Is Pissed Off at Rock Hudson's Sexy Science Experiment

Mid-1970s flick Embryo is one of those gems lost to time - but no more. You must indulge in this tale of a mad scientist (Rock Hudson!) who grows a super-woman in a vat.

Though the movie suffers from the mega-slow pacing so popular in the 70s, you cannot resist this scene where Rock's vat-grown hottie Victoria goes to her first party. First she has to fend off the advances of a horny nerd, then she must play chess with a crazed Roddy McDowall.

This is yet another movie from the twentieth century about how man-made women are the only ones who can ever truly enter the "bastions of male chauvinism" and compete against men. Still, it is exciting to see Roddy crying over his lost chess game, even if Victoria turns out to be a homicidal junkie who (worst crime of all) gets ugly when her vat treatments wear off.

Plus, this movie has a lot of really really long scenes where Rock plays with an extremely well-trained dog. You think I'm kidding but I'm so totally not.


Embryo [via IMDB]

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Corpore Metal

So I'm wondering when we're going have a clip from something like "Building Mr. Right" which is sort of the flip side to this and is actually a better movie.

I always really sympathized with Jeff the scientist: "It's all chemical and it's all a waste of time. You were built for higher things!" Classic mad scientist raving!