Announced today at Comic-Con, Farscape creator Rockne S. O'Bannon will be returning to his creation by writing Boom! Studio's already-announced Farscape comic, and tying it in with the upcoming webisodes also spinning off from the former Sci Fi Channel TV show.

O'Bannon couldn't be happier with his new job of comic writer:

This is a dream opportunity for me - to get to continue the Farscape saga... The comic book series starts off directly where the PEACEKEEPER WARS mini-series left us. It's like we're finally getting to experience Season Five of Farscape.


And what kind of thing are we going to see in the unofficial fifth season? How about something that the television show always failed to bring us?

One of the places that we always wanted to explore in the television series was Rygel's home world of Hyneria. No matter how passionate we were about telling that story, we simply couldn't do it. But now one of the massive-scale arcs in our first 4-issue comic series has us off to Hyneria... The great thing about the comic book medium is that the scope and scale of the Farscape world is no longer restricted. In terms of where we can go, what we can show — these new stories will be Farscape Unrestrained.


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