Rocketeer's Joe Johnston To Lead Captain America To Patriotic Victory

Illustration for article titled Rocketeers Joe Johnston To Lead Captain America To Patriotic Victory

Joe Johnston (the man behind the flying dinos of Jurassic Park III and The Rocketeer) is set to direct the big budget Captain America movie. Looking back at all of Johnston's history of action movies with a message, it looks like he's a perfect fit for the origin story of the super-soldier who fought the Nazis in World War II and eventually helped rally The Avengers superteam.Also let's note Johnston's amazing background work in Raiders Of The Lost Ark, which he got one of those golden-man statues for. I'm hoping for big sweeping war scenes, Spielberg-style, and lots of gorgeous action. Entertainment Weekly reports that Johnston will have a tight schedule as Captain America practically overlaps with the work needed to be done on The Avengers movie. The super-soldier film is set to release on May 6, 2011 and The Avengers in July of 2011. Image from The Divided State.


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This is good news. Lately I've been feeling like the the "kickin' nazi ass" genre has faded.