Rocketeer Might Be Re-Rocketing Into Theaters

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Billy Campbell wants to bring the Rocketeer back to the audiences who didn't turn out in droves to see the original in the 1991 adaptation of Dave Steven's graphic novel. If you have time to check this out on DVD or the Disney Channel (where it seems to turn up every other day), then you'll see that besides the acting, the film hasn't aged that well. Today's special effects could make this thing fly again, as long as they don't saturate it with CGI.


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I actually just re-watched this a few months ago - last time i saw it was in the theatres I believe. Someone asked me: "Why the hell would you re-watch that?"

I loved re-watching it. I need some sci-fi movies that aren't formatted with: A. generic plot B. Insert all the CGI we can get our hands on C. repeat over and over.

I want movies that are done tongue-in-cheek and with the smallest hint of cheese. I realize that wasn't intentional withthe rocketeer - probably - but you can't argue with the results.

Oh, and yeah, Connelly? *wipes drool from face* She needs to put the baby fat back on. The reral question is? Better Connelly nude bits: Hot Spot or Inventing the Abbots? Hot Spot is the obvious answer for quantity... but I really like the Abbots scene.