Although the Guardians are currently stuck on Earth, in a few months, at least some of them will be jetting out into space. Rocket Raccoon in particular is heading out on his own for the simpler pleasures in life—meeting interesting people in exotic locales, and then robbing them blind.

Marvel has announced that the space marsupial’s next series, written by Al Ewing and with art by Adam Gorham, will see Rocket thrust back into the life of crime—specifically, the life of staging intergalactic heists. The reason he’s ditching heroism for a bit? According to Ewing, it’s for a personal reason, with an old friend (and maybe more) asking Rocket to help them out:

He goes back in for heroic reasons—the best reasons, really—in order to help an old friend-slash-something-more. But I wouldn’t consider it too much of a spoiler to say that the situation goes south very quickly, and takes Rocket with it. Once back in that life, Rocket finds himself very much back in it, and as things get crazier, so do the heists. I’d call it very much a “caper” book.


It kinda sounds—and looks, judging by the cover—like it’s going to be Ocean’s Eleven but with space aliens.

That’s pretty great! Rocket will hit shelves in May, just in time for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 to hit theaters. Convenient that, isn’t it?



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