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Rocket Raccoon speaks in the new Guardians of the Galaxy promo

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We got to see a little of Rocket Raccoon in action in the first Guardians of the Galaxy trailer, and in this Rocket-centered promo, we get to hear Bradley Cooper give him voice. Update: Now with the rest of the Guardians!


Judging from the style of the promo, it looks like we'll gradually be introduced to the onscreen versions of the rest of the Guardians in similar fashion. But this one also gives us a closer look at the fantastic visual effect that is the talking, anthropomorphic raccoon.


Update: Thanks to the commenters who pointed out that we now have promos for Groot:



And Peter Quill:

[via Bleeding Cool]

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Question - why do CGI character in "adult" movies like Paul, Ted or this one look awesome and real, but similar characters in "kids" movies like the Smurf or the Chipmunks always loook barf-worthy?

Some could say it is a question of budget, but both Smurfs movie had budget over a 100 millions, and the Alvin movies had 60 millions for the first one and 75 millions for each of the sequel. By contrast, Ted had 50 millions, and Paul 40 millions. Guardians probably has a much bigger budget, but it has a lot more than the raccoon going on.