The world fell in love with Rocket Raccoon and Groot this summer in Guardians of the Galaxy, and now the pair are invading the covers of other characters' comics. An upcoming set of Marvel variant covers will feature homages to classic comic book covers, with Rocket and Groot in the starring roles.

Just as Deadpool will appear on Marvel variant covers throughout October, so will Rocket and Groot appear on variant covers for various books throughout November. Each variant cover will pay tribute to a famous Marvel cover, but with that Guardians of the Galaxy twist. Up top is Tom Fowler's reinterpretation of the classic Iron Man "Demon in a Bottle" cover, which will appear as a variant for Superior Iron Man #1.

ComicsAlliance has a larger collection of the covers, plus a list of all the Rocket and Groot variants planned for November. Head over there and enjoy the silliness.

Marvel Announces Rocket Raccoon And Groot Homage Covers For November [ComicsAlliance]