Rock out, nerd style, to the new MC Frontalot CD

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MC Frontalot, popularizer of nerdcore rap about buggy software, spoilers, and math, has just released a new CD called Solved. It goes without saying that we love it — Frontalot is a permanent part of the io9 soundtrack (he even played at our party a couple of years ago at South By Southwest with great aplomb and panache). With songs like "Invasion of the Not Quite Dead" and "Nerd Versus Jock," you know this CD is going to give you earworms.


Says Frontalot:

It's a concept record about how all solutions are hacks. It has got guest appearances from some other nerdcore rappers (MC Lars, ZeaLouS1, Dr Awkward), some rockstars (Wheatus), and some comedy masterminds (Kristen Schaal, Wyatt Cenac, Eugene Mirman).


You can download Solved (of course) on MC Frontalot's site, where you can also listen to samples and hear the full version of his single "Critical Hit."

If you want to get a feeling for Frontalot's style, you can watch this video for "Zero Day," from his eponymous album.

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Gawn Til November

If you havent yet... see the "Nerdcore" documentary. But ill give Frontalot his props.