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Fritz Lang's Metropolis is certainly a classic among science fiction pictures. It's so popular that Oscar-winning composer Giorgio Moroder crafted a rock soundtrack for the film that included performances from legends such as Freddie Mercury. And now it's coming to a theater near you!


According to The Hollywood Reporter, producer Kino Lorber has wrapped a deal that allows them to sell Moroder's Metropolis on Blu-ray and DVD. Which also included a short 20-city theatrical run ahead of the November 15 store date.

The rock Metropolis has been kept under wraps from the public, mainly due to music rights issues:

In addition to [Pat] Benatar, Mercury, and [Bonnie] Tyler, Moroder's version includes songs performed by Billy Squier, Adam Ant, Jon Anderson and others. The version infuriated film purists at the time, who cried foul not only over the music but the incarnations' shortened running time (82-minute versus the original's almost 2-hours).


We'll keep you updated on the Rock Metropolis news, and post the trailer as soon as it's available! Until then, do any of you already own a copy of this classic on VHS?

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